Minerals and how important they are  Iron and Zinc

Minerals and how important they are
Iron and Zinc


Minerals are compounds that the body can not produce but must be take through food. They have as, protective – regulatory and energy. They participate in the construction of tissues, skeletons, regulate osmotic pressure in the body, regulate the work of certain hormones, improve the functioning of the nervous system as well as the cardiovascular system. Disadvantages can lead to illness, slow work, migraine, decline in concentration, fatigue. Each mineral has its function in the body, and if we have deficit, the body clearly sends out the signs.



Iron (Fe )

is in the composition of hemoglobin the red blood cells. The composition of cells. It also transmits oxygen from the lungs to the blood. In tissues and organs, iron is related to various proteins. These are chromoproteins, hem proteins (hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome oxidase, peroxidase, catalase), flavoproteins (cytochrome c-oxidase, dehydrogenase, xanthine oxidase) and a third group of iron-binding proteins made by transferin and ferritin. Iron participates in the synthesis of DNA into the metabolism catecholamine and serves as a transporter of electrons in mitochondria.




Food rich in Fe


Spirulina (blue-green algae found in lakes in the wildnes, available as supplements in powder and tablets)
Liver (also rich in zinc and vitamin B12 and easily absorbed.
Organic beef nourished by grass (rich in zinc and vitamins A and E)
Lentil (rich in protein and dietary fiber )
Black chocolate (black chocolate is rich in zinc, its taste is bitter and it does not need to be consumed much.You can consume black chocolate of 70%, 80%, 90% cocoa.It is recommended about 50g)

Spinach (rich in protein, you can consume raw and cooked)
Sardines (rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. You can find them canned. They are excellent salad ingredients, you can prepare them in soups and sauces as well as pasta dishes.
Black beans (rich in protein and dietary fiber) An excellent source of carbohydrates, which is obtained by starch and slowly enters the bloodstream, which is good for people who have elevated blood sugar and diabetics.
Pistachios (a nut rich with omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamin B6, thiamine and coper)
Dried grapes (excellent ingredients for snacks, salads)


 Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency can lead to anemia and these are signs of weakness, headache, blurred skin, vertigo, cold fists and feet, swollen tongue, rapid heart rate, arrhythmia.









Zinc ( Zn )

is a mineral that plays a very important role in our body. It encourages the formation of white blood cells in the bone marrow, as well as the creation of T-lymphocytes that are there to protect the body from pathogenic germs. Prevent the virus from reaching further into the calf through the mucous membranes. A powerful anti-oxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals. In cooperation with vitamin A it becomes active and improves vision and prevents eye diseases. It improves the immune system by activating T-cells that have the function to maintain the immune system strong. Helps the immune system to build new cells if needed. It accelerates wound healing, helps the reproductive system, helps in the thyroid hormone balance, insulin, and increases testosterone, promotes muscle growth and recovery as well as the synthesis and absorption of certain nutrients and affects the work of the heart.







Food rich in Zn


Lamb (rich in vitamin B12, iron, selenium, riboflavin, phosphorus, can be prepared in various ways )
Pumpkin seeds (reduces the risk of breast cancer, regulates prostate function, you can consume raw, add in an bread)
Organic beef fed grass (can be prepared in various ways)
Lentil (rich in carbohydrates and proteins. The carbonaceous body hydrates slowly and uses it as energy, which is good for pre- diabetics and diabetics)
Cocoa powder (rich in flavonoids that are antioxidants and which prevent the inflammation and appearance of the disease, improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure)



Cashew Nut (rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, improves potency in men, and brain function as well as prevents inflammation and affects the bone strength)
Kefir (rich probiotics for bacteria that improve digestion. It is best to consume goat kefir)
Mushrooms (rich in protein, antioxidant and some even used for the purpose of medicine.) Improve the immune system, for example, champignons can be eaten raw. They are excellent in meals with meat, pasta, as well as into sauces, and some can and use it as dry and for tea)
Organic Chicken (an excellent source of protein, rich in complex B vitamins, can be prepared in various ways, such as baking, cooked meals, salads, sandwiches …)





Zink deficiency

Lack of zinc is a very serious problem. You may experience a weakened immune system, and you may be often sick, which can lead to various other health problems. It participates in the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow, and a major defect can be a major health problem. Regulates the work of the thyroid gland, and deficiency can lead to a decrease in mood, loss of weight, and sudden growth, it is important that women take a voluntary amount of zinc during pregnancy as it affects the formation of the fetus.




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