Sugar, facts and his influence on the human body




Sweet, irresistible, drug that we all addicted to. When I say sugar, I mean refined where it’s everywhere from pure refined to cakes, ice cream, dairy products, bread and pastries, refined juices, carbonated juices, energy drinks, and other refined products.Only in 2016 produced 169.083 million tons of sugar in the world.



Production process


– The main source of raw materials for sugar production are sugar beets and sugar cane. Sugar is obtained by sucking these raw materials and boiling in liquid solution. By coughing, crystals of sugar are obtained. The processing can be controlled the purity of the sugar.



Sugar and products


– We use mostly sugar in production or as an additive. We use it in the production of cakes, bread and pastries, or as an addition to the coffee, we also consume other refined products that are full of sugar. We became addicted to these products just because of sugar.


– Sugar is the main cause of the disease, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer. More and more children are affected by such diseases, primarily diabetes and obesity.


– Refined sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose that is separated during digestion . You will find natural sugars in fruits and vegetables in their natural composition with water, minerals and vitamins … etc. Glucose is the main source of energy in humans.

 Glucose, source of energy


– When consuming food during digestion, the body divides carbohydrates into glucose and fructose.When glucose enters the bloodstream then the pancreas is releasing hormone insulin that regulates blood glucose and supplies it to the cells. The cells contain insulin receptors. When the insulin comes into contact with the receptors, the cell opens and glucose by the entry turns into energy. Higher glucose intake leads to greater insulin release, which can lead to diabetes.Glucose has another role. When you are involved in sports, muscles need energy and then muscles take glucose in the bloodstream and thus reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. This leads to better pancreatic performance.


Fructose and its function


– Fructose in the natural state enters the bloodstream and directly enters the cells without the help of insulin. But with refined fructose (corn sugar), fructose enters into a liver that converts to fat. This leads to fat liver.





How refined sugar destroys the body?


Sugar and many diseases


1. Cardiovascular disease


– When you consume sugar (refined), which remains in the bloodstream some period, this leads to high cholesterol, that closing the arteries and comes to a high blood pressure and angina pectoris and evan heart attack. Refined sugar should not remain in the blood for a long time, if this happens, it can lead to elevated blood sugar and inflammation. When its happen,walls of artery are damaged and the liver produces cholesterol and sends it to the bloodstream to repair the damaged walls and then there is a surplus of cholestrel in the bloodstream. Not to mention the predominant diet of animal origin.


2. Liver disease


– The liver is responsible for fat metabolism. If you consume a lot of sugar, the liver still needs to produce cholesterol from time to time, and as I said, fructose corn sugar is converted into fat in the liver, and too much fat is produced, and at the same time excess sugar. The body recognizes most of the sugar as toxins, and the liver is the one responsible for the detoxification of heavy metals, and for fructose corn sugar, which by entering turns into fat and comes to inflammation of the liver. Liver is also one that has the ability to repair damaged walls of the arteries, tissues.


3. Leaky Gut


– In the digestive tract there are microbes, good bacteria (probiotic), there are also bad bacteria, fungi, yeast …When you consume a lot of sugar, yeast, candida and other microbes must be fed (eat only sugars), then the growth of these microbes results in the formation of poison and the disease of the tract, which can lead to autoimmune diseases.



4. Metabolic disorders


– Metabolism is a system that controls everything in the body. From the glands that control hormones to blood sugar, it also controls digestion, absorption of vitamins and minerals. If the metabolism fails, there are liver diseases, pancreas can not produce enough insulin, and also diabetes where more and more children are affected, autoimmune diseases such as thyroid gland diseases, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease … etc.



5. Canser


– A ketogenic diet is either a diet with 80% fat 15% protein 5% carbohydrate (plant based diet). When you consume so much fat and a little sugar, your body begins to burn fat as a source of energy. This proved to be a good diet in the treatment of certain types of cancer, and also in the weight loss.



6. Depression


– When you are consuming a lot of sugar, a certain amount of insulin are released to control glucose, but then there are inflammation of the receptors that are found in your body, i.e. cells. Then there is the emergence of the so-called Piks (that is, when the body can no longer maintain a normal blood sugar level, it is insulin-resistant and the body produces even more insulin to get the same effect and then the sugar level is uneven, ie there are rapid jumps and sudden drop in blood sugar, which greatly affects the person’s mood and the onset of diabetes.



How to recognize refined sugars


First, when you go to the market, read what the product contains. These are some of the sweeteners (refined).


– Agave syrup
– Corn syrup and highly concentrated fructose corn sugar
– Brown sugar
– Melase
– Refined maple syrup
– Fructose
– Rye brown sugar
– Maltose
– Glucose syrup
– Tapioca syrup
– Rice syrup
– Squeezed syrup
– Dextran
– Sorgum
– Melas
– Sucrose
– Syrup
– Dextrose, dextrin, dextran, maltodextrin
– Concentrated fruit juices


The facts are as well as evidence, but we continue with such a diet that damages our body. There are various alternative sugars naturally found in plants. We can get rid of refined ingredients in the intake of natural sweeteners. The best replacement is urm, javor syrup organic, natural raw organic honey found in every village, as well as fruits, stevia.- Natural sugars can also be used in cake, ice cream, snack, and natural herbal drinks.- If you throw out refined products, your body will be grateful for helping him. (you ). to keep yourself balanced and turn to healthy habits. You will be more positive, you will have more energy, you will be mentally in balance (you will not be exhausted mentally) and many other changes.



Hippocrates said 2000 years ago
Let the food be your medicine.


Nemanja Ljubisavljević
Trener i Savetnik za ishranu